Let’s get to know each other better!

I’m Dave, one of the few guys in Dallas who can win a girl’s heart by painting her a rose rather that giving one 🙂 I’m an artist and flowers are my passion. Their beauty is almost mathematical yet there is no formula to express it. Perhaps I’ll be the one to discover it 🙂 I would love to say that art is my main occupation, but for now it’s more like a hobby. And since I have to eat something and pay the bills, I work at an accounting firm, in line with my diploma. I really hope it’s not for good 🙂


Some thoughts on art and artists

The way we feel is the way we paint

How do you think, what makes a good artist? I bet most people would answer ‘talent.’ But what is talent exactly? Is it some ethereal gift that can’t be described or measured and is only granted to  a few people? Or is it more about how competent and skillful you are? If so, can talent be gained and enhanced by constant practice? And where is the difference between a uniquely talented person and simply a gifted one? Opinions may differ. But I personally believe that, for a true artist, feeling is always prior to painting. You can be a brush virtuoso, but if you have nothing to say to this world, your paintings won’t make much of a difference. It’s the ability to feel and express feelings that makes one an artist. Unleashing raw emotions – that what makes a canvas alive.

Art that needs no preambles

Today I want to tell you about a person whose works astonished me. Not because they are so unusual or daring. On the contrary, he addressed quite common themes. Enjoying the dance of city lights. Breathing in the fresh colors of rain. Walking hand in hand down a romantically lit park alley. There seem to be nothing special here. Yet these paintings are more special than some gallery hits. Why? Because they are sincere and understandable to anyone. Take a look at a painting called ‘Raw Emotions’ here (symbolic, isn’t it?). It was created by Leonid Afremov, a wonderful Israeli artist whose perception of the world is just as beautiful as his painting manner! The picture is a vortex of colors. They sparkle and entwine on the canvas setting off and echoing each other in marvelous combinations. Color is the first thing you see and it absorbs you! Then you start making out the details:

  • Yellow autumn trees that look like huge lamp shades because there is a lantern burning inside each of them.
  • Wet alley covered with multicolored reflections and flowing like a river with no shores.
  • The unfathomable night sky flaking down in deep dark strokes.
  • A figure of a man on the road (or maybe a woman); he or she is all alone amidst this magical splendor; and all this is for this single person who was lucky to be here this very moment, an incredible moment he or she will remember long after the puddles dry up and the leaves fall down.

Moments like that, aren’t they what we actually live for?.. It’s so good there are people who share my point of view and can show the true beauty of this world to others!

image (1)

Country nostalgia

You know, I miss living in the country. I spend my childhood at my folks’ farm. And it was amazing! Just imagine: you wake up together with the sun, spring out of the bed, have a glass of fresh warm milk in the kitchen and run outside, to the green-green backyard. The adults are already busy with endless chores. Dad attends to the horses, you can hear their cheerful neighing and his own voice from the barn. He believes horses are just like us, people, so he constantly talks to them. Mom does the washing under the old cherry tree; now and again a leaf would fall into the basin and float in the shiny foam for a few seconds as if it was the last ingredient of a magic potion and the basin will now explode in colorful smoke. And this grumpy old lady is your grandma: she is making her way to the coop to pick up chicken eggs for breakfast. Suddenly you get a friendly shove in the back and nearly land into the mud – this is your elder brother Jimmy fooling around. He was just trusted to take the goats to the pasture and is immensely proud of himself. It used to be the privilege of your sister Roxana, but she has her own family now. And you, you are too young to care and can have this entire morning to yourself! Joined by Toby, a huge restless Labrador, you run to the river, dive from the rocks, catch lizards in the grass and then sprawl in a wicker hammock chair made by dad taking stock of your trophies. I still remember that chair like it was yesterday; it looked a lot like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ceiling-Hanging-Round-Chair-Hammock-Indoor-and-Outdoor-Brown-Cream-/112461072374?var=&hash=item1a2f33c7f6:m:mTEoA0AKRjQvbpNN1a6Jy8g. Perhaps I’ll buy it for my own garden!